Bladder Scanner

Model BVT02

Bladder Scanner

Model BVT02

Bladder Volume Tester

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  • 3.5” LCD screen Host unit 

  • 3D probe: Probe Frequency: 2.5 MHz

  • Measuring Range: 20ml to 999 ml   Accuracy: +/- 15 %

  • Input Power supply for Adaptor: 100V to 240V AC, 50/60Hz.

  • 3 modes of Measurement: Normal /Obese / Child Patient 

  • Battery powered : Lithium rechargeable battery : works for 4 hrs.


  • Portable and Handheld  

  • 3.5” LCD screen Host unit 

  • 3D probe 

  • Micro USB port to support scan image Storage on pen drive

  • 2D prescan, shows 2D bladder image,  to accurately locate the bladder 

  •  3D scanning of the Bladder, to auto calculates the Bladder Volume

  • Review images of 12 scans slices of the Bladder  

  • Cross projection to help user access whether measurement is proper or not

  • Rubber base for Holding the HOST unit, probe and the Ultrasound Jelly Bottle

  • AL. box enclosure with Safety packing for the Bladder Scanner 

Advantage of using Bladder Scanner

  • Measures Quickly, accurately and in a non-invasive way , Bladder Urine Volume

  • Helps Assess Urinary retention 

  • Helps Prevents unnecessary catheterization and hence catheter associated UTI

  • Helps improve efficiency, reduce costs and save Staff time

  • Easy to use

Application Areas

  • Urology 
  • Obstetrics-Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Geriatrics
  • Recovery Rooms
  • Emergency
  • ICUs
  • Bed Side Patient residual Urine monitoring

Standard Equipment

  • Main Unit: 1 no. , 2.5 MHz 3D probe: 1 no. , Charger Adaptor, Lithium Battery 1 No. , OTG U disk 1 no.

  • Rubber Base for Bladder Scanner display unit and probe 1 no. , Al Box enclosure 1 no.